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Waste water treatment system delivers significant process water savings

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Waste water treatment system delivers significant process water savings
Multi-barrier system produces high quality water for reuse in washing and clean-in-place activities.
In Use – Due for full scale roll out during 2013

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Following successful trials in Mexico and India, a leading carbonated beverages company is reviewing internal plans that would see a full scale roll out of an innovative water treatment system.  The roll out will begin from 2013 and the company believes it could save up to 100 billion litres of process water per year if rolled out across its entire network.
Described as a multi-barrier system, the treatment takes waste process water and subjects it to biological treatment in a membrane bioreactor, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ozonation and utlraviolet disinfection.  The process is so efficient that the resulting water meets or beats drinking water standards. However the recovered water will only be used for bottle washing or CIP (clean-in-place) activities.  The company estimates that using the recovered water could reduce its water needs by around 35%.
The system has been developed by The Coca-Cola Company, who believes that the new process extends the potential for water reuse across many industry sectors and sets precedents for the drinks industry in terms of water recovery and reuse.
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Potential Benefits

Food manufacturing and processing operations use large quantities of water in production operations.  This innovative approach to waste water recovery has great potential to reduce the company's primary water usage with a corresponding cost reduction.  Competitive advantage can be drawn from such cost reduction activities so there is both a competitive advantage and an environmental benefit to be drawn from such initiatives. The Coca-Cola Company believes that this process hsa the potential to reduce the businesses water needs by 35%. This is a significant saving.

Intellectual Property

The process has been developed and is proprietary to The Coca-Cola company.

Consultant View

This initiative has the potential to significantly reduce the usage of water in drinks manufacturing operations for The Coca-Cola Company and the concept should be transferable to other manufacturing and processing operations across a variety of industry sectors. Although the system has been developed and is proprietary to The Coca-Cola Company, the potnetial savings demonstrated should encourage other food and beverage companies to investigate innovative water saving technologies and efficiency programmes. Water savings deliver both commercial and environmental benefits.
Reviewers who are interested in reducing water consumption in food and beverage manufacturing processes should search the REID database for other examples using the search term ""Reduced water usage".

Contacts and Further Information

Bea Perez
Chief Sustainability Officer
Coca-Cola Company
1 Coca Cola Plz NW
Atlanta, GA
Tel: 001 (404) 676-2121

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