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Single layer packaged food tray aids recyclablity

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Single layer packaged food tray aids recyclablity
Single material food packaging removes barriers to recycling of the packaging
In Use – Commercially available

Packaging Reduction, Recycled content/recyclability

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films, Other

Supply Chain Phase
Raw materials / Ingredients


A packaging manufacturer has developed a single material food packaging tray for use with meat and poultry.  The resulting pack can also be used in other applications where heat sealing is employed. The pack may also be useful in other categories such as fruit, vegetable and bakery applications. 
Traditionally the recycling industry has had issues processing multiple material food trays with sealing films.  The new pack employs a single material MONO Amorphous polyethelene terephthalate (MAPET).  The packs are formed from post-consumer waste material and are sealed using adhesive around the rim of the pack without affecting its recyclability. Packs can be sealed at up to 40C degrees. Prior to the new material such packs were traditionally manufactured using multiple materials to ensure adequate sealing.
The new material was developed over a two year period by Faerch Plast.
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Potential Benefits

This single material approach to food packaging can help improve recyclability of plastics. This is particularly important at this time, as the sector looks to find ways to increase recycling of household plastic packaging waste. The pack also includes post-consumer recyclate in its make-up, which helps to create market for recyclate and further improves the potential for success of plastics recycling.

Intellectual Property

MAPET II Mono packaging has been developed by and is proprietary to Faerch Plast

Consultant View

This new technology has created a solution to the issue of recycling packs manufactured from mixed materials.  The new pack can be fully recycled and this should in turn lead to a reduction in the level of packaging waste.
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Contacts and Further Information

Joe Iannidinardo, MS Færch Plast UK
Tel: +44 20 8254 2300
Main office
R. Færch Plast A/S
Rasmus Færchs Vej 1
7500 Holstebro
Phone: +45 99 10 10 10
Fax: +45 99 10 10 99

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