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New packaging aids shelf life extention for brassicas

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New packaging aids shelf life extention for brassicas
Packaging controls CO2 and O2 levels in respopnse to ambient temperature to extend shelf life of packed brassicas
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Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

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A packaging company has developed a new bio-based range of flexible films aimed specifically at packaging for brassicas.
Brassicas such as broccoli and cauliflower are problematic as they are often packaged as cut florets.  When brassicas are cut they breathe more quickly and this often leads to browning of the cut surfaces.  Products exhibiting such browning are more likely to go to waste therefore tackling the issue has great potential to reduce food waste in these product groups.
The new film controls the breathing of the product by regulating the levels of O2 and CO2 within the pack.  The unique structure of the film enables the humidity within the pack to be regulated according to the ambient temperature and it is this feature which helps reduce the incidence of browning.  
The new film has been developed by Sirane under the Sira-Flex Resolve trademark.
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Potential Benefits

Estimates put the amount of avoidable vegetable waste in the UK at around 800,000 tonnes per annum, so this new film has great potential in reducing food waste. The technology has significant potential for reducing waste in the packed brassicas segment, a vegetable that is particularly vulnerable to spoilage caused through browning, by extending its shelf life. The manufacturers claim that shelf life can be doubled using this film.. 

Intellectual Property

Sira-Flex Resolve is Trademarked by Siraflex

Consultant View

The new film offers a useful solution to the issue of browning for packed brassicas.  Shelf life extension has the potential to reduce food spoilage and waste across a whole range of fresh fruit and vegetable categories and it may be possible to extend this technology to cover other product groups. 
Reviewers who are interested in this technology may consider interrogating the REID database to discover other examples of technologies aimed at reducing food waste. Search terms such as "Phages", "Oxygen scavengers" and "Barrier films" can be used.

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