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Avocado ripeness grading reduces food waste

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Avocado ripeness grading reduces food waste
ASDA stores in the UK use a ripeness grading technology combined with a traffic light system to reduce food waste.
In Use – Currently being trialled across 30 UK stores.

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A major UK retailer has worked with a supplier of fruit and vegetable grading systems to develop a ripeness detection and grading system specifically to tackle the problem of Avocado ripeness at the point of purchase.
The new system employs sensitive product testing technology to "tap" the fruit.  The equipment then senses the resonance and firmness of the fruit to grade it into one of three categories. The fruit is then packed according to its ripeness in colour coded containers. The retailer has set the categories according to a simple "traffic light" system for ease of use by consumers at the point of purchase.  Therefore Green denotes fruit which is ripe and ready for consumption, Orange denotes nearly ripe fruit and Red denotes fruit which requires more time to ripen.
The Inscan-IQA testing technology has been supplied by Aweta of the Netherlands and the colour coding has been devised and is applied by ASDA.
The system is currently being trialled in 30 stores across the UK with a view to a nationwide roll out later this year if the trail is found to be successful.
The content in this entry has been obtained from publicly available information sources only (e.g. press releases, website and trade press articles) and is subject to completion of a validation process with the technology supplier.

Potential Benefits

This technology has potential to reduce fresh fruit and vegetables food waste in the home. Estimates place this source of food waste at generating around 1 million tonnes of waste per year so there is great potential for any technology which tackles this issue.

Intellectual Property

The Inscan-IQA testing technology has been developed and manufactured by Aweta and is registered by Aweta of the Netherlands.

Consultant View

This solution has great potential to reduce food waste in relation to unripe or overripe avocados.  Customer satification should also be improved as ASDA has identified that ripeness iss the primary cause of complaints from consumers in relation to avocados. 
If the current trial proves successful, it will be interesting to see if the approach can be transferred to fresh fruit and vegetables. Probably the additional costs would not make this approach ubiquitous, but it may be applicable for other high-value produce.

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