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Dry running conveyor systems save water in beverage processing operations

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Dry running conveyor systems save water in beverage processing operations
An innovative low friction conveyor system eliminates soap and water lubrication in beverage operations
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Manufacturers of conveyor equipment are constantly looking for ways to reduce energy impacts and reduce maintenance related downtime. Now a manufacturer has developed an innovative low friction system which allows conveyors to run "dry", thereby saving significant volumes of lubrication water in beverage processing and packing situations.
To achieve this the manufacturer has created unique chains, belts, guide rails and wear strips with a reduced coefficient of friction without sacrificing wear life. This unique combination permits end users to reduce or eliminate lubrication.
The components are manufactured by Emerson Industrial Automation and are branded as NEW GENERATION (NG)™ chains and belts and Nolu™-S guide rail guides and wear strips.
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Potential Benefits

Traditional soap and water lubrication beverage operations use up to seven times more water in production compared to the volume of product manufactured, and therefore considerable process water savings can be achieved.
In one example of the adoption of some of the new components offered by this supplier a high-speed can line at a brewery had been running dry with an acetal-based chain in an effort to eliminate water and soap lubrication. However, subsequent wear required that the conveyor chain be replaced about every three months, incurring maintainence costs and causing downtime. The brewery switched to the NG chain, resulting in a chain life approximately five times longer than before.

Intellectual Property

Emerson has developed two unique product ranges for their System Plast brand: NEW GENERATION (NG)™ chains and belts and Nolu™-S guide rail guides. All of these products are proprietary and have been trademarked by Emerson. 

Consultant View

Lubrication free conveyor systems offer the potential to increase production efficency through the minimisation of downtime.  Additionally in food processing environments water is often used to provide lubrication for conveyor systems.  By switching to the new dry running conveyor system significant quantities of water can be saved thereby reducing the cost and environmental impacts of processing operations.
Readers interested in water saving technologies should try searching the REID database using the search filter "Water usage".

Contacts and Further Information

US Head Office:
Emerson Industrial Automation
8000 West Florissant Avenue
St. Louis, MO
United States
Phone: +1 314 553 2000
UK sales agents:
Control Techniques
The Gro
Newtown Powys
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 01686 612300

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