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New barrier film delivers high gas barrier properties for packaging dry food products

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New barrier film delivers high gas barrier properties for packaging dry food products
New oxygen barrier film for use in modified atmosphere flexible pouches extends shelf-life of dry food products
In Use – The film is currently available in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

Product Categories
Drinks, Food

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase
Raw materials / Ingredients


A large petrochemical company has developed a new oxygen barrier film for use in flexible pouch packaging.  The film delivers outstanding gas barrier properties for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications. This 21 micron film features a polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) coating on one side and an acrylic coating on the reverse to provide all-round performance for oxygen-sensitive dry products requiring MAP such as fruits and nuts, cereals, snacks, roasted coffees, pet foods.
Typically the PVOH coating is reverse printed and adhesive laminated to a sealant film, such as blown polyethylene (PE) or cast polypropylene (PP), to provide high oxygen protection for prolonged product shelf life. With an oxygen barrier level below 1cc/m²/day, this film delivers a barrier performance at the level of metallized polyester (PET) and typically higher than most other clear barrier solutions such as polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC) or ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) coated or coextruded films. The surface energy of the PVOH coating helps ink receptivity and its good chemical barrier contributes to reduced solvent retention.
This clear barrier film uses solvent-free and chlorine-free coatings and provides protection from external contaminants and secondary packaging.  Exhibiting high clarity, gloss and stiffness, the film also provides aesthetic benefits. Laminated to an acrylic OPP film, the structure can be lap sealed and side gussets sealed for stand-up packaging. 
The new film has been developed by Exxonmobile Chemical and is marketed as Bicor MB866 OPP. 
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Potential Benefits

This technology tackles the issue of shelf life extension.  The subsequent benefit of such innovations is the prevention of food waste through spoilage.  However, increased shelf life also enables sensitive products to be brought to market in new formats, offering additional consumer choice and widening the market for producers to commercialise their products.

Intellectual Property

Bicor™ MB866 OPP film is a trademarked product of ExxonMobil Chemical.

Consultant View

There are many technologies available or in development which seek to extend the shelf life of products. Improved barriers is one approach, but active packaging, antimicrobial materials and other approaches can be used. Please consult the REID database using the search term "shelf life extention" to see other relevant entries.

Contacts and Further Information

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