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Improved film seal reduces wastage

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Improved film seal reduces wastage
Innovative resin blend creates a highly effective seal at low temperatures, eliminating leaks and reducing food waste.
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Product Waste Reduction

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible, Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats
Closures and dispensers (including: triggers, dosing aids, reseal and reclose devices etc.), Flexible & Films, Other

Supply Chain Phase


An American packaging manufacturer has developed a plastic film lidstock for a yogurt manufacturer which achieves a strong hermetic seal against a cup formed of dissimilar plastic.
The company engineered a new resin blend to form the lid in response to issues with imperfect seals causing leaks and loss of product.  The innovative lid forms a tight seal at low temperature on the yogurt filling line, thereby enabling improved filling line speeds and reduced energy consumption.  However, the resulting seal is strong enough the protect the product throughout the supply chain whilst offering ease of opening for consumers.
Not only have unwanted "leakers" been eliminated from the supply chain, but the ability to seal at lower temperatures has resulted in production line improvements too. Heating elements on the line's seal heads are now less prone to burn-out.
The new film lidstock was developed by Danafilms of Boston USA.
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Potential Benefits

This innovation has delivered three main benefits.  Firstly by ensuring a good seal the manufacturer has noted a significant improvement in leak reduction thereby avoiding food waste in the supply chain. Secondly as the new resin compound forms a seal at a far lower temperature than was previously possible there has been a corresponding decrease in the energy used to heat seal the pack and the production line is able to run faster as the heat treatment is shorter. Additionally, as the equipment runs at lower temperature there has been a corresponding decline in equipment downtime wheras previously heating elements burnt out causing critical downtime.
This technology can also be used in other situations where hermetic sealing is required.

Intellectual Property

The new lidstock has been developed by and is marketed by Danafilms USA.

Consultant View

This innovation represents another useful example of a packaging manufacturer developing innovative solutions to real world issues.  In this case leaking yogurt pots have been improved by use of a careful resin blend to create an improved lidding material.  The result is reduced food waste and at the same time the yogurt manufacturer has been able to increase it's line speed and reduce its energy costs. This highlights the interconnectedneww of many packaging problems and their subsequent solutions.
Other pack sealing technologies are also featured in the REID database. If this is an area of interest, try searching the database using the search terms "sealing" and "closures".

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