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Hemmed edges improve stretch film performance

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Hemmed edges improve stretch film performance
New stretch film with "hemmed" edges prevents film waste during hand wrapping operations.
In Use – Currently in use in the food and drinks sector in the US.

Packaging Reduction, Resource efficiency (e.g. filling line efficiency), Storage and Transport efficiency

Product Categories
Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care, Other

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase


A manufacturer of stretch films has developed a new range of hand wrapping films with improved handling characteristics. The new hand wrap reduces stretch film usage while providing superior hold for odd or unstable loads.
The edges of the film have been doubled over or "hemmed" to create additional strength in the material.  This prevents the film tearing and reducing in width as a result of knocks and drops in use, a common occurrence in many operations. With a 60-70 gauge performance equivalent, the material is also stronger than pre-stretched films of equal weight. This allows for greater load integrity and less wasted film due to breaks or tears.
The new films are available in a variety of gauges and widths and are marketed under the "LITE oriented film" brand by Galemark (an ITW company).
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Potential Benefits

The greatest benefit of this innovation is in improving resource use and preventing packaging waste arising during packing operations by minimising damage to stretch film in hand wrapping operations.  It is common for film rolls to be dropped or knocked in operation which often causes the film to tear or narrow in width.  In such cases the remaining film on the roll may be discarded so any measure to reduce this source of waste is beneficial.

Intellectual Property

The new LITE Oriented film range has been developed by and is marketed by Galewrap (An ITW company). It is manufactured using a patented Inline Orientation Process.

Consultant View

Stretch film is the most widely used form of load stabilisation material in use today.  Hand wrapping operations are necessary for odd or unstable unit loads, but they are frequently inefficient in terms of film use and can lead to high levels of packaging waste arising. Therefore any innovation that improves hand wrapping efficiency is very valuable. This is a simple innovation which could deliver both environmental benefits and cost savings.
Reviewers may wish to consult the REID database for other examples of packaging optimisation relating to stretch films by using search terms such as "stretch film", "wrapping", and "palletisation".

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