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Net films for palletisation applications

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Net films for palletisation applications
Innovative stretch film manufactured with pre-formed holes reduces packaging material consumption
In Use – In use in the UK food and drinks industry

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories
Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care, Other

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Shrink and stretch wrap

Supply Chain Phase


A packaging manufacturer has developed an innovative stretch film product with pre-formed holes, thereby reducing the overall material required for stretch wrap applications. Supporting bands to increase the holding force, distributing it across the entire load and ensuring a stable pallet and ensuring a high level of performance.
The film also helps to solve problems when there is a build up of condensation or moisture, such as with hot palletized goods like baked snacks, pasteurised products, breakfast cereals, pharmaceutical goods, pet foods, etc.; and chilled or frozen loads that require fast cooling after palletization, such as meat, fish, frozen snacks, etc. The holes in the film facilitate fast cooling of wrapped products and reduce condensation on the primary packaging.
The holes in the film have rolled edges to prevent tearing of the film and the edges of the film are also rolled to increase strength and prevent neck-downing (film shrinking in width during application).
The film is also suitable for a variety of load types and the holes in the film tend to locate around sharp protrusions which acts to prevent tears in the film and leads to better load stability. Versions of the material are available that can be applied by hand or by machine, including pre-stretched material.
The film is marketed in the UK by Megaplast as Air-o-Film Stretch Lite .

Potential Benefits

The most important benefit of this technology is its ability to light weight film.  In this case the light weighting is due to the holes in the film removing film material from the wrap.  As an additional benefit the film facilitates the rapid dispersion of heat and moisture from products and this may help to prevent food waste through spoilage in some cases.

Intellectual Property

Air-o-Film is a Megaplast brand and there are patents pending on this product.

Consultant View

Net films represent another useful opportunity to lightweight stretch films by applying recent advances in resin technologies.  This sort of film is currently more expensive compared to standard films but as the product gains more widespread adoption costs will fall with production scale economies.
The REID database features many other examples of technologies and solutions which reduce the material requirements for palletisation and unit load collation. Reviewers should search the database using search terms such as "palletisation"; "stretch wrapping" and "light weighting" to identify other relevant entries.

Contacts and Further Information

Mr. Andy Chinnery
Megaplast S.A.
The Old Blacksmiths, Home Farm
Tel: 01604 - 499714

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