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Coreless stretch film

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Coreless stretch film
Coreless stretch film for hand wrapping applications.
In Use – In use in the UK food and drinks industry.

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories
Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care, Other

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Shrink and stretch wrap

Supply Chain Phase


Recent developments in stretch film production technology have enabled manufacturers to develop reels of stretch wrap without using a cardboard core.  Previously it was necessary to wind the stretch film onto a central cardboard core but using the new method the core can be dispensed.
The cardboard cores tend to have extended length which operatives use as handles to apply the film.  Such cores weigh around 380 grammes so removal of the core represents a worthwhile saving in packaging material.  Additionally recent research comissioned by WRAP has shown that waste film is often left on cardboard cores.  This could represent as much as 5% of the film supplied on each core so removing the core gives the potential to make a film saving as well as the saving of the core.
In the coreless systems now available, the film is applied using a reusable applicator handle.

Potential Benefits

This technological advance has great potential to reduce the amount of cardboard used to form cores as well as the potential to reduce film waste from film left on waste cores. However, operators should be aware that they will need to purchase reusable handles in order to take advantage of the savings available from using coreless films.

Intellectual Property

There are an increasing number of manufacturers of coreless stretch films. For example, in the UK Eurofilms manufacture and distribute coreless films under the "Eurolite coreless" brand

Consultant View

Coreless films are currently only available for hand wrapping operations only, although work is ongoing to create coreless machine wrapping films.  The development of coreless films is still at a relatively early stage and adoption in Europe and the UK is currently quite low.  Therefore, there is great potential to achieve material savings through more widespread adoption.
Readers interested in this particular topic should be aware that there are an increasing number of suppliers of coreless hand wrapping films. In addition to the example provided in this entry, interested parties are encouraged to search both REID and the wider Internet to further suppliers

Contacts and Further Information

Mr. Martin Palmer
Sales Director
Eurofilms Extrusions Limited
Hortonpark Industrial Estate
Hortonwood 7
 Tel: 01952 - 606633

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