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New technology to track supply chain temperature

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New technology to track supply chain temperature
A barcode that can be scanned by a mobile phone will allow food processors to monitor product temperature throughout the supply chain.
In Use – This solution was launched in April 2012.

Product Waste Reduction

Product Categories
Drinks, Food

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Supply Chain Phase
Storage, Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment


This cold chain monitoring solution provides immediate product quality information to anyone that scans the label with an appropriate reader. The solution incorporates time-temperature indicator (TTI) labels which can be scanned Using an industrial bar code reader (WiFi/GSM/CDMA) or smartphone (iPhone or Android). A free smartphone app is available.
On scanning, a text message and/or email will be sent to the reader or to some other pre-defined receiver. The message will contain information on the label serial number and on the product quality, indicating any instances of temperature abuse. The service provides immediate email or SMS text messages every time the label is scanned anywhere in the cold chain, allowing appropriate Quality Assurance /Food Safety personnel to take corrective action if necessary.

The TTI label is a low cost single-use barcode label that supports a variety of preset time and temperature events. It tracks cumulative temperature abuse time that the product spends above the threshold. The label is activated by pulling a tab. On exposure to temperatures exceeding a threshold temperature it then records the event and the barcode is changed. This enables fast and accurate readings and the system can be integrated into any existing cold chain program with minimal integration and implementation difficulty. The label is irreversible. This means that the labels are not reusable and must be disposed of after use, but it is an important feature as it means they cannot accidentally be reverted to its previous state.
Messages can be standard or customised according to the users needs. For example, the message displayed could say "Good" or "Fresh" indicating the product has not experienced any temperature excursions or it might say "Sell Immediately" or "80% Shelf Life Remaining". If the product has experienced extreme exposure to abusive temperatures the message might read "Do Not Sell".
The ThermoTrace TTI cold chain technology has been developed by DeltaTRAK.
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Potential Benefits

All time-temperature labels provide insight into what happens to products during distribution, thereby promoting better food quality and safety decisions and extending quality assurance programs into distribution channels. They also help to reduce waste by providing definitive information on whether product has been subjected to temperature abuse.

Intellectual Property

The solution is the intellectual property of DeltaTrak.

Consultant View

There are many time-temperature monitoring solutions on the market. REID database users interested in this type of technology are encouraged to research other temperature monitoring solutions – try entering the search criteria “temperature indicator” to identify and compare other solutions on offer.

Contacts and Further Information

Val Cureton, Marketing Communications Manager
DeltaTRAK Inc.
P.O.Box 398
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Telephone: 001 (925) 249-2250

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