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Ethylene remover with superior adsorption performance

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Ethylene remover with superior adsorption performance
A patented ethylene remover extends the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
In Use – This product was first launched in 2011, but during 2012 it has been successfully adopted by several UK supermarkets to extend the shelf life of produce including strawberries, tomatoes, avocados and melons.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

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Many fresh horticultural products have their ripening response accelerated by the presence of ethylene. This can be addressed by the use of ethylene removers.
The manufacturers of the ethylene remover featured in this REID entry claim that it achieves superior ethylene absorption compared to other solutions, thereby further extending the shelf life of ethylene-sensitive products.
The remover is a simple to use “plug and play” solution. It is adaptable, non-invasive, non-toxic and food safe, available as either a sheet or a pad.
Sheets have a use by date of 6 months from date of manufacture when stored below 18°C in their original packaging. The sheets are compatible with the current commercial recycling route for PET punnets and other plastic packaging. If recycling is not possible for certain customers, the sheets can also be safely disposed of along with normal household or industrial waste e.g. to landfill. The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has indicated this disposal route to be acceptable.
The solution is branded as the It’s Fresh! e+® Ethylene Remover, contains a mixture of clays and other minerals which absorb ethylene. Its benefits can be leveraged throughout the supply chain, from grower to consumer.
The content in this entry has been obtained from publicly available information sources only (e.g. press releases, website and trade press articles) and is subject to completion of a validation process with the technology supplier.

Potential Benefits

By extending shelf life of fresh produce, use of ethylene absorbing solutions can reduce food wastage throughout the supply chain and in the home. A recent application using this solution found that the freshness guarantee on tomatoes could be extended by two days.

Intellectual Property

The solution is patented and has been jointly developed by It’s Fresh! and Johnson Matthey plc.

Consultant View

There are other ethylene scavenger solutions on the market. Readers interested in this field should research potential products and suppliers before deciding on a particular solution. There are also other approaches and technologies available which also seek to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. Readers interested in alternative approaches should make further searchers of the REID database using combinations of filters and terms such as “fruit and veg”, “shelf life extension”, “active packaging”, “modified atmosphere”, “controlled atmosphere”, “antimicrobial” and “scavengers”.

Contacts and Further Information

Lawrence Matthews, Chief Operating Officer
It'sFresh! Ltd
Tel: + 44 (0) 1675 431 001

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