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New pasta dryer design delivers significant energy savings

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New pasta dryer design delivers significant energy savings
Award winning pasta dryer design reduces thermal energy, cooling energy and electrical energy requirements.
In Use – This new dryer was launched in 2012 and is available worldwide. First installations are already in place.

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In this new design for production of long pasta goods a new thermal energy recuperation system is utilised. During pre-drying and main drying, hot, humid air is exhausted at two points and this exhaust air is captured. Due to its water content and temperature level this water is ideal for in-process heat recirculation. This allows the production of long goods pasta using less thermal energy compared to conventional designs.
The use of highly efficient fans also results in electrical energy savings. New blade geometries and materials handle the required volume of circulating air, while also reducing electricity consumption. Cooling energy requirements are further reduced by utilising a newly designed and energy-optimized system for the thermal installations.
During the processing, a new climate control technology and more humid drying air prevents the surface of the pasta from becoming glassy. The pasta remains in a rubber-like state, which improves the overall product quality. It also means that the colour of the pasta can be adjusted by selecting different temperatures in the stabilisation phase.
The dryer, branded as Ecothermatik™ and supplied by Buhler, is available with 1,250kg/h and 1,750kg/h capacities. The Bühler Ecothermatik™ was awarded the International FoodTec Silver Medal for Innovation Excellence in 2012.
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Potential Benefits

The manufacturer claims that, compared to conventional pasta dryers, this design uses up to 40% less thermal energy. Since thermal energy costs make up around 2-3 % of the total costs of long goods production, a 40 % saving would result in a reduction in costs of one percentage point, which is directly freed up as an additional profit margin. The low energy consumption also helps to improve environmental performance and contributes towards reduced carbon impact in pasta production.

The use of highly efficient fans also results in electrical energy savings. The new blade geometries reduce electricity consumption by approximately 10 %.

Furthermore, around 20 % of cooling energy is saved through a newly designed and energy-optimized system for the thermal installations.

Intellectual Property

The dryer is the proprietary technology of Buhler AG and the brand Ecothermatik™ is a trade mark of Buhler AG.

Consultant View

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Contacts and Further Information

Juraj Bartanus, Product Manager
Bühler AG
CH-9240 Uzwil, Switzerland
Tel: + 41 71 955 11 11

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