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Packaging solution extends shelf life of fresh-cut produce and improves shipping efficiency

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Packaging solution extends shelf life of fresh-cut produce and improves shipping efficiency
A packaging solution has been launched which extends the shelf life of cut produce whilst also improving shipping and storage density
In Use – This solution has been launched and is available in the US.

Product Waste Reduction, Storage and Transport efficiency

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – rigid

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Supply Chain Phase
Design, Filling


This system comprises a controlled atmosphere tray and food safety pad combination. The solution has an insert to channel liquid away from the product while the pad absorbs excess moisture in the package and emits a steady stream of carbon dioxide to inhibit growth of microorganisms. The pad and insert combination thus maintain the appearance of the fresh-cut produce and extend shelf life by slowing the produce’s respiration rate.

The design of the tray also lowers stacking height, thereby increasing shipping density and storage space requirements.
The composite surface of the tray also results in a faster seal at lower temperatures compared to other trays in the market place.
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Potential Benefits

There are two principal benefits arising from this packaging solution:
  • Extended shelf life of the product whilst in the packaging, leading to reduced product waste in the supply chain and in the home.
  • Improved cube utilisation for shipping, which will provide cost savings and reduce the environmental impact of distribution which is an important focus for fresh produce suppliers.

Intellectual Property

The solution, branded as UltraFreshSystem, has been brought to the market by Sonoco in partnership with Paper Pak Industries (a manufacturer of absorbent mediums for the food industry) and Bunzl Distribution (a packaging and supplies distribution company).

Consultant View

There are other solutions and technologies available which also seek to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. Readers interested in this area should make further searchers of the REID database using combinations of filters and terms such as “fruit and veg”, “shelf life extension”, “active packaging”, “modified atmosphere”, “controlled atmosphere”, “antimicrobial” and “scavengers”.

Contacts and Further Information

Carlyn McClintock
Bunzl Distribution
Tel: 001 314-997-5959 x10220

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