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Reseal system maintains quality of fresh produce and dairy products

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Reseal system maintains quality of fresh produce and dairy products
An easy reseal system has been introduced for flexible packaging that can be used by the consumer to prevent product dehydration or contamination from other foodstuffs
In Use – This partnership was announced in March 2012, and the first products should reach the market during this year.

Product Waste Reduction

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase


A strategic partnership between a packaging manufacturer and a closure system provider will deliver an improved re-sealable packaging solution for flexible packaging.

The system, which can function through food contamination, will not offer extended shelf life but will help reduce food wastage in the home after the pack is open by allowing consumers to reseal the package. This is particularly important for products which consumers may decant into a second plastic bag in order to keep it fresh – for example, cheese. The manufacturers believe the system could also have applications for bakery and fresh fruit and vegetable products.
The partnership will see Amcor Flexibles combine its flexible film technologies with Velcro’s Press-Lok seal technoloty.
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Potential Benefits

The use of an easy reseal closure will help reduce food spoilage in the home and negate the need for some products to be removed from the packaging and decanted into a separate plastic bag.

Intellectual Property

The seal technology is patented by Velcro.

Consultant View

Readers should be aware that there are other reclose solutions available for flexible films.  For further examples, try searching both REID and the wider web using combinations of search terms such as “flexibles” and “reseal”.

Contacts and Further Information

Philippe Scherrer
Marketing Director
Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas
Fresh, Dairy, Capsules
T: + 46 70 299 32 56

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