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Stackable PET bottles provide many environmental benefits

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Stackable PET bottles provide many environmental benefits
Advantages of stackable 500ml and 1litre PET bottles optimise logistics and storage, reduce transit packaging needs and reduce product damage
In Development – The technology was first showcased in April 2012. Final development and test work is being completed. It is anticipated that commercial products could be on the market by 2013.

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats
Bottles and jars

Supply Chain Phase


A major PET bottle supplier has developed the first ever stackable 500ml and 1litre PET bottles. Although stackable bottles have been available for larger sizes, this is the first time they have been available in mid-range sizes. To achieve this, the company has developed a patented step during the pre-form blowing process. The subsequent deep concave indentation in the base of the bottle allows the neck of one bottle to fit into the base of another.

The Stroke-base technology has been developed by Sidel and can be used to produce both square and round containers.
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Potential Benefits

There are many potential benefits arising from the development of stackable bottles. These include:
  • Optimised cube utilisation, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits during distribution and storage
  • Elimination of transit packaging items such as interlayers
  • Reduced product damage from crushed bottle necks
  • Reduced product damage due to improved pallet load stability
The patented Stroke-base technology also reduces the blowing pressure by up to 10 bars during production.

Intellectual Property

Sidel has patented the Stroke-base technology used to produce these bottles.

Consultant View

Although stackable bottles are available in larger sizes, this may be the only technology available that can currently deliver stackable bottles for mid-range size bottles. Readers interested in PET bottles should search the REID database for other technology developments that can deliver further environmental benefits. Try searching the database using relevant combinations of search terms such as “beverages”, “bottles” and “plastics – rigid”.

Contacts and Further Information

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