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Packaging film extends the shelf-life of fresh produce

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Packaging film extends the shelf-life of fresh produce
A unique film allows gases produced by fruit and vegetables to escape via a controlled filter system
In Use – This solution is already being adopted by retailers in the UK.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

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Biopolymer, Plastic – Flexible

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Consumer, Raw materials / Ingredients, Retailing, Storage


A new packaging film has been launched using a unique formula and technology which delivers a significant increase to the shelf life of fresh produce, including sensitive, high respiration products. The manufacturers claim this provides results far beyond the shelf life that other conventional films can offer. According to internal tests the shelf life of fresh produce can be extended by 12-14 days.

The film, which is predominately made from renewable resources, is a bio-degradable and fully compostable. It is tested and independently certified to the EN13432 standard.
The film is a special blend of food substrates which is perforated to allow gases produced by the fruit and vegetables to escape via a controlled filter system. The film is perforated using a laser system which can be specially calibrated for individual products.
The solution, from Evap Environmental Packaging, has recently been adopted by Asda for packaging Jersey Royal potatoes. The solution delivered provides an optimally tailored gas permeable packaging film to effectively respond to the natural gases produced during the respiration process. The film also aids the potato “greening” process throughout varying distribution and store conditions. Following initial success, Asda will be rolling out the use of the film across its stores, and will be extending the range of applications to include other produce such as sprouts and tomatoes.
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Potential Benefits

The major benefit offered by this packaging solution is reduced food wastes, both in the supply chain and in the home, through extended shelf-life. This is particularly important in the fresh produce sector, where spoilage rates can be high.

Intellectual Property

This technology is patented by EVAP Environmental Packaging.

Consultant View

There are an increasing number of packaging solutions and technologies available which aim to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce. Readers interested in this particular topic are encouraged to search the REID database for other relevant entries. Try search terms such as “preservation”, “shelf life extension”, “modified atmosphere packaging”, “active packaging” and “antimicrobial”.

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