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Filling system equipment for alcoholic beverages delivers energy and water savings

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Filling system equipment for alcoholic beverages delivers energy and water savings
Torque drive systems and modularised vacuum pumps cut water and energy use for glass filling
In Use – Interest from the market has already been strong, with several systems sold around the world since it was unveiled in Autumn 2011.

Resource efficiency (e.g. filling line efficiency), Water Usage

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This equipment has been designed for glass filling in the beer, soft drinks, wine and champagne sectors.

The incorporation of a torque drive system reduces energy compared to a servo drive motor. Drives with torque motors have an efficiency of 96% as opposed to just 85% from conventional drive systems.

The introduction of modularized vacuum pumps helps cut water use by 20%, while the addition of the optional eco-module, which cools water, boosts the saving to 90%.
The design also pays close attention to improving the hygienic design of the system. The conventional filler front table has been replaced with a bottle transfer frame that connects the stars and capper modules using open pipes with no flanges.
The equipment, manufactured by KHS, has an open design with no corners and edges. The incorporation of curves and slopes enables a rapid run-off of liquids.
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Potential Benefits

The main environmental benefits of this system are improved energy efficiency, leading to a reduced carbon footprint from filling operations, and reduced water consumption.

Intellectual Property

The system has been designed and is manufactured by KHS GmbH.

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