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Innovative thin wall packaging as a light-weight alternative to thermoformed pots

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Innovative thin wall packaging as a light-weight alternative to thermoformed pots
Up to 30% lighter than conventional thermoformed pots for dairy products, salads and yellow fats
In Use – SuperLight™ is commercially available and is used by a number of brands in Europe

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A new, innovative thin wall packaging is light-weight, yet sturdy. The containers and lids are strong, but absolutely thin. Despite the thin structure, the packaging is stable at the filling line, on the shelf and at home.

This packaging solution is ideal for dairy products, salads and yellow fats and is being marketed as alternative to thermoformed pots and tubs. As well as providing a light-weight solution, the containers offer all the consumer and branding benefits of conventional pots – for example, stacking, compatible with in-mould labelling, long shelf-life and membrane sealing for extended shelf-life. The container fits existing filling lines and is efficient in distribution.
Marketed as SuperLight™, the container is available from Superfos. Hotfill, mircrowaveable and home freezing options are available. Speed at the filling line can be increased due to SuperLight’s strong dimensional reliability.

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Potential Benefits

SuperLight™ is up to 30 per cent lighter than conventional packaging. As well as reducing the material requirements and associated materials carbon footprint, this lessens the energy consumption during transportation.

Intellectual Property

The SuperLight brand is a trade mark of Superfos.

Consultant View

Readers interested in other light-weight packaging solutions for dairy products, salads and yellow fats should search the database using keywords such as “light-weight”; “dairy” and “rigid plastics”.

Contacts and Further Information

Søren Marcussen, Executive VP Sales & Marketing
RPC Superfos
Spotorno Allé 8
DK-2630 Taastrup
Tel: Phone: +45 5911 1110

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