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Innovative new solution for transit packaging of fragile items

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Innovative new solution for transit packaging of fragile items
Innovative plastic packaging concept protects fragile products in transit with the aid of a patented impact absorbing buffer system
In Use – The system is commercially available, although no current examples of its use are listed by the suppliers

Packaging Reduction, Product Waste Reduction, Recycled content/recyclability, Storage and Transport efficiency

Product Categories
Home Improvement

Relevant Materials
Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats
Cushioning, Other

Supply Chain Phase
Design, Home delivery, Packing, Recovery, Transportation, Other


A UK based plastics thermoformer has launched a new innovation for the protective packaging sector.
The plastic packaging concept protects fragile products in transit with the aid of a patented 360 degree impact absorbing buffer system; designed to transfer impact loads around the pack itself, thereby ensuring that fragile contents are centrally cushioned & protected.

The packs are manufactured using re-cycled HDPE plastic sheet. As a thin-wall, nestable product, they offer weight, space and energy savings across warehousing, distribution and at POS when compared to conventional solutions such as bulky EPS block cushioning.
Branded as Lo.G™, the thermoformed protective packaging solutions are available from Plastique in single piece “wrap-round & lock” or “end cap” formats. Each solution is custom made to fully protect fragile items in transit. Lo.G is made from recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). At the end of its functional life cycle, it can either be re-used in closed loop packaging supply chains or simply recycled through normal recycling systems.

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Potential Benefits

There are several potential benefits offered by this system. Most importantly, the system may offer improved product protection, thereby reducing product damage during transit. However, further potential benefits include:
• Incorporation of recycled content into the packaging material
• Reduced packaging weight and bulk compared to other solutions
• Nestable, reducing space during storage and delivery of inventory
• Potentially reusable in closed loop supply chains
• Fully recyclable.

Intellectual Property

The system patent protected (GB patent reference: GB2414728).

Consultant View

This is an exciting innovation in transit packaging solutions for fragile products. Its application could be particularly relevant to the home improvement sector where some expensive higher price items will justify the expense of custom made pieces.

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Contacts and Further Information

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