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Easily recyclable ready meal packaging

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Easily recyclable ready meal packaging
A ready-folded cardboard carton lined with an easily removable film to improve recyclability
In Use – The packaging format and machine is available from CFS Germany, but no commercial installations have been identified to date.

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Cartonboard, Plastic – Flexible

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This new packaging solution consists of a ready-folded carton lined with a film directly in the packaging machine where it is then filled and sealed. The film can be easily removed after use, so the two components can easily be recycled where facilities exist. Where film recycling is not available, the board can at least be recycled without contamination from the film or food.

The pack, known as CFS Ecoplus, can be heated in the microwave and a layer of air between the film and board means that the outside of the container becomes only hand-hot.
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Potential Benefits

The main benefit of this packaging solution is increasing the recyclability of ready meal and convenience food packaging. Packaging for these products is typically not recycled due to the nature of the material and due to contamination from the foodstuffs. This solution ensures that at least the outer board, which makes up 70% of the pack construction, can be recycled without any problems of contamination from barrier materials or food.

Intellectual Property

GEA Food Solutions has a patent pending on the way the film is formed during the production of CFS Ecoplus packages.

Consultant View

To implement this solution fillers will need to invest in the filling line as well as the packaging materials. It is therefore a technology that should be considered when convenience food manufacturers and co-packers are ready to make new capital investments.
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Contacts and Further Information

Christian Siegel
Senior Product Specialist
GEA Food Solutions
Tel: +49 6461 801 221

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