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Corrugated cable reels reduce weight and improve recyclability

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Corrugated cable reels reduce weight and improve recyclability
Innovative corrugated cardboard pack to replace plastic cable reels
In Use – Commercially available and in use in Germany

Packaging Reduction, Storage and Transport efficiency

Product Categories
Home Improvement, Other

Relevant Materials
Cartonboard, Corrugated, Paper

Relevant Packaging Formats
Corrugated box/case, Other

Supply Chain Phase
Design, Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment


The challenge for the manufacturer was to develop a single-material corrugated cardboard solution for data cables to replace the plastic reels previously used.  The ingenious design of the roll-off cable reel ensures the necessary stability and smooth run-out required when unrolling the cable. The side flanges consist of cardboard that runs crosswise; they are set on the cardboard core and fixed with plug-in flaps. The full cable reel is set in rolled-up packaging, which is then closed. The retrieval opening allows the cable to be easily and comfortably rolled out but ensures the cable is kept tidy in the workplace. In addition, the integrated grip openings ensure easy transportation and manual handling.
In 2012 the German Association for the Corrugated Cardboard Industry (VDW) awarded the runner-up prize in the ""Goldene Welle" (Golden Wave) award in the "Storage and Transport" category for the roll-off cable reel made of corrugated cardboard.
The reels were design and produced by SCA Packaging, Germany.
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Potential Benefits

This slution replaces less easily recycled plastic reels with a lighter-weight, 100% recyclable corrugated board solution. The material can be easily recycled by users of cables in the home or workplace.
The shape of the new pack also lends itself to stacking and should offer advantages over the traditional cable reel in distribution.

Intellectual Property

The new product has been designed and marketed by SCA Packaging

Consultant View

This innovation has taken a fresh approach to a well established packaging format and developed a totally new pack.  The resulting pack is lighter weight, 100% recyclable and achieved a number of handling improvements at the same time. 
Although this product is currently use in the Home Improvement / DIY sector similar innovative approaches to pack design are taking place in many other sectors. Researchers are directed to search the REID database using search terms such as "Light weighting" and "alternative materials" to see other examples of similar innovative approaches.

Contacts and Further Information

Anja Roehrle
Marketing Manager
SCA Packaging Germany & Switzerland
Rollnerstrasse 14
Tel +49 911 1801 800

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