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Resealable closure for sparkling wine

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Resealable closure for sparkling wine
Simple closure enables sparkling wines to be resealed retaining pressure and maintaining bubbles
In Use – Adopted by Tesco Plc in the UK for some of it's sparkling wines.

Product Waste Reduction, Recycled content/recyclability, Reuse, Shelf life extension

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible, Plastic – rigid, Plastics - Other / mixed

Relevant Packaging Formats
Closures and dispensers (including: triggers, dosing aids, reseal and reclose devices etc.), Other

Supply Chain Phase
Consumer, Other


An Australian manufacturer has developed a range of bottle closures for use with sparkling wines.  The new closure incorporates a foil seal which prevents air entering the bottle and retains gas in the bottle.  This preserves the "bubbles" in the wine which is important in sparkling wines.
The SPK closure consists of four components:  A cap with a tamper proof band, a collet with a spring loading pin allowing it to lock onto a standard wine bottle; a foil seal which is a high quality gas barrier to keep air out and gas in the bottle and a seal which prevents leaking under extreme, high pressure situations. The closure is 100% recyclable and can be used by the consumer to reseal the bottle it is supplied with or can be used to seal other similar wine bottles.
The system has already been adopted by Tesco stores in the UK for some of it's sparkling wines.
The new SPK closure was developed by Zork PTY Ltd in Australia.
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Potential Benefits

The greatest benefit of the new seal is in its ability to retain the "gassiness" of sparkling wine in an opened bottle.  As sparkling drinks are often associated with celebrations the ability to retain the "pop" and "fizz" of the product on opening is an important consideration and should reduce waste as "flat" sparkling wine is often discarded.
Additionally the new closure is easy to use and avoids the sudden release of bottle pressure on opening.  Instead the bottle opens with a controlled but satisfying pop.  The manufacturer reports that this is seen as a positive attribute, particularly by women who are sometimes reluctant to purchase sparkling wines as they are afraid of the pressurised cork.
The closure is reusable and at end of life it is 100% recyclable.

Intellectual Property

The SPK closure technology has been developed, patented and manufactured by Zork PTY Limited.

Consultant View

The new closure offers benefits in two main areas:  Firstly it offers consumers a "user friendly" alternative to pressurised corks which can be percieved as dangerous by consumers.  Secondly the seal is reusable and maintains the gassiness of the sparkling wine in the bottle.  This should prevent the waste of drinkable product due to the loss of "fizz" which is a key attribute of sparkling wines.
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Contacts and Further Information

Zork PTY Limited
South Australia 5069
Tel: +61.883635635

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