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Light weight paper pallets

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Light weight paper pallets
Lightweight pallets manufactured from recycled paper as a low carbon alternative to wooden pallets
In Use – The pallets have a wide range of current uses in the Food and Pharma sectors.

Packaging Reduction, Recycled content/recyclability, Reuse

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Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care, Other

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Home delivery, Storage, Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment, Transportation


A range of paper pallets is now available, manufactured entirely from recycled paper.  Although pallets made from paper have been in existence for some time, this manufacturer has developed a unique design which gives its products increased strength (up to 10 tonnes of compression). No nails are used in their construction which removes an entire level of materials from this form of packaging.  The resulting pallets have similar load bearing characteristics to wooden alternatives and offer a range of other benefits.
These products are manufactured by The Paper Pallet Company of Wellingborough. 
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Potential Benefits

The greatest benefit of the new paper pallets is in terms of their much lighter weight than wooden alternatives.  In some cases the reduction can be up to 80% of the wooden alternative and this offers a significant reduction in load weights which has a positive reduction in carbon emitted during transportation.
Other benefits of these products include:
  • Paper pallets offer superior resistance to infestation 
  • The pallets are 100% recyclable
  • There are no nails used in construction which removes an entire level of material from this form of packaging
  • The material does not splinter and does not use nails in their construction; both features make the products less of a health and safety issue than wooden pallets

Intellectual Property

The range of paper pallets are manufactured in the UK by The Paper Pallet Company.

Consultant View

This range of paper pallets represents a useful alternative to traditional wooden pallets. However, their most useful attribute is perhaps in terms of the weight reduction of the new pallets of up to 80% when compared with similar wooden alternatives.  This weight reduction should yield important benefits in increasing load weight capacity in transit with consequent reduction in CO2 impacts.  The light weight of these pallets will also permit optimization of loads especially for heavier product groups such as liquids.  However, it should be borne in mind that many industries are currently geared up to deal with wooden pallets, especially pallet exchange or "pool" pallets, and as such this alternative may not be acceptable to industry players as it adds complexity to their existing supply chain operations.
Reviewers are recommended to search the REID database and other information sources using terms such as light-weighting and "reusable transit items" for other interesting ideas in load collation. 

Contacts and Further Information

The Paper Pallet Company
60, Sinclair Drive
 Park Farm North Industrial Estate
 Northamptonshire. NN8 6UY 
Tel: 01933 283920 

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