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Reusable RFID tags facilitate temperature monitoring of goods in transit

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Reusable RFID tags facilitate temperature monitoring of goods in transit
Innovative use of RFID tags to record product temperatures during transit
In Use – This product is currently in commercial use and is available from Temp Trip LLC

Storage and Transport efficiency, Other

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Food, Other

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Supply Chain Phase
Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment


These RFID tags can be programmed with product information, temperature requirements etc in advance and shipped to the product owner.  When goods are ready for dispatch the tag is affixed to the outer packaging or pallet and scanned to link the product details to the pack details.  The tag is then activated and will monitor the surrounding temperature continuously through to the point of receipt.  The tag can be interrogated during transit by scanning it with an appropriate reader.  Alternatively on receipt of the goods the tags can be scanned by the recipient or posted back to the tag supplier for data interrogation.  Data collected can be shared internally or with trading partners via web based communications
The tag data can be wiped and the tags reused on multiple occasions making this a potentially cost effective solution to temperature monitoring.
The tags and associated reading equipment are supplied by U.S.A. based Temptrip.
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Potential Benefits

Intelligent RFID tags offer a method of monitoring the temperature of consignments throughout the supply chain. Improved data and understanding can enable improved management of the temperature regime and subequently facilitate reduced supply chain product wastage through temperature abuse. The reusable nature of these RFID tags is also offers potential environmental and cost improvements, making this technology more attractive.

Intellectual Property

Temptrip is a registered trademark of TempTRIP LLC.

Consultant View

RFID tags have great potential as cost effective time and temperature monitoring devices.  However, their effectiveness is highly dependent on all the participants in a supply chain having compatible tag reading equipment at the relevant points in the chain.  The resulting need for investment in reading equipment currently limits the application of this type of technology. Although this particular provider can overcome this issue as the tags can be posted back to them for reading this will inevitably result in a delay in the data available for supply chain improvements.
There is a lot of activity currently underway to produce cheaper tags, reading and monitoring equipment to overcome barriers to widespread adoption of RFID.  Readers of this entry should search the REID database for other RFID based information solutions

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