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Metal strip re-closure system

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Metal strip re-closure system
Simple metal strip enables re-sealing of flexible plastic pouch
In Use – The product is currently in use to package a wide range of food products

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Closures and dispensers (including: triggers, dosing aids, reseal and reclose devices etc.), Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase
Design, Storage


This is a  low cost method of reclosing flexible packages in order to eliminate spillage, retain product freshness and reduce spolage, and keep out moisture.  Bend-Seal is applied in-line onto virtually any package material at rates of up to 400 units per minute and does not require any alteration to the existing package.  This is a relatively simple and inexpensive embedded, metal closure strip which allows for reclosing and opening a package an average of twenty times. Bend-Seal is comprised of a 3/8” x 3”metal strip attached to an adhesive strip. After opening the package, folding the open end of the package twice causes Bend-Seal’s metal strip to effectively re-close the package by preventing the folded end from unfolding.  Bend-Seal’s special adhesive keeps it in place until the package is discarded, but plays no role in the re-closing process and can therefore be used with powders and frozen foods.
This innovative product is engineered for use on FF&S, Flow Pack, etc. and can be applied to virtually any bag material and type including pillow, stand up and tray-in-bag.  It is designed for re-closing packages containing items such as ground coffee, soap powders, snacks, candy and sweets, pretzels, crackers, cookies, nuts, frozen foods and chilled products as well as many other products.
The product is manufactured by Di-El Tack Limited of Israel. 

Potential Benefits

The greatest benefit of this type of closure is in its ease of use for consumers.  Alternative re-closure systems relying on separate adhesive tabs or clips perform the same basic function but can be less easy to use and the closure can become detached.  This solution is embedded in the primary pack so it cannot become detached and is intuitive to use thereby reducing food waste by keeping products such as coffee and snacks in a sealed environment.

Intellectual Property

Bend Seal is a trademark of Di-El Tack Limited.  An International patent is pending.

Consultant View

Bend seal offers a simple method of reclosing flexible packaging in order to maintain product freshness.  It's main benefit is in its ease of use which should lead to reduced food waste as consumers will find it easy to use and effective.  
However, there are many other innovative packaging formats available on the market offering similar benefits.  Reviewers should search the REID database for other examples of resealable packaging and other methods of shelf life extention.

Contacts and Further Information

Di-El Tack Ltd
PO Box 2383
Yavne, Israel 81512
Tel: 011+972 894 32090.  
Contact: Ofer Goldfisher 

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