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Innovative use of enzymes to improve bread quality and increase shelf life

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Innovative use of enzymes to improve bread quality and increase shelf life
Using enzymes to improve quality and prolong shelf life of baked products
In Use – In use in a variety of baked products.

Shelf life extension

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A leading manufacturer of food enzymes, cultures and other speciality ingredients for the food industry has developed a range of enzymes using advanced Lipase and Amylase technologies to improve quality and extend shelf life of baked products.
Consumers demand softness and freshness of baked products .  Therefore, stale, baked products account for a high level of wasted products in the bakery category.  Freshness in baked products is linked to crumb firmness.  The crumb of cake becomes firmer and less resilient over time.  It is likely that these changes are linked to the re-crystalisation of starch and the re-distribution of water within the crumb. 
To counter this issue the manufacturer has developed a range of four enzymes which tackle the crumb firmness issue and other aspects of baked products such as softness.  The lipase enhances the natural emulsifiers from the fats and lipids that are present within a cake or bread recipe.  Such emulsifiers form complexes within the starch and these are more resistant to firming during the storage of the products.
The four new enzymes: Cakezyme-Majestic, Cakezyme-Sublime, Panasoft and Bakezyme MAM have all been developed by DSM Food specialities B.V.

Potential Benefits

The greatest potential benefit of this innovation is in reduced wastage of baked products by slowing the staling process and thereby extending shelf life.
The softening enzymes will also improve product quality and consumer appeal.


Intellectual Property

DSM Food Specialities has protected  Cakezyme-Sublime, Cakezyme-Majestic and Panasoft by patent.  Bakezyme MAM is not currently patented.

Consultant View

This is a good use of enzyme technology to enhance the "staling" qualities of baked products. Extended shelf life accruing from use of the new enzymes has the capacity to reduce product wastage in a high waste category (bakery). The enzymes aimed at producing a softer feeling product also offer the consumer a quality improvement over existing manufacturing techniques.
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Contacts and Further Information

DSM Food Specialities B.V.

Regional Sales Manager - Baking Enzymes
Tel:+ 31 15 279 4012


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