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A tight wrap bundling system to reduce waste packaging

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A tight wrap bundling system to reduce waste packaging
Innovative packing machine uses mechanical tension to bundle paper and plastic bags using less wrap than existing machines.
In Use – The technology is currently used by a number of manufacturers in the consumer, pet food, agricultural, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories
Food, Other

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible, Plastics - Other / mixed

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films, Shrink and stretch wrap

Supply Chain Phase


 This manufacturer has developed a packing machine which uses constant mechanical tension to create a tight wrap around bundled products.  The technology also utilises a low energy heat tunnel to prevent the fusing of laminate and film. Double wrapping of bundles protects vulnerable corners and enables lighter gauge film to be used.

The ELD Packaging machinery is currently used to bundle paper and plastic bagged product but may have wider application.


Potential Benefits

This development has the potential to reduce the amount of packaging material employed and its greatest benefits should be in the reduction of packaging material and a consequent reduction in C02 impact. This machine has the potential to reduce packaging waste by enabling the use of lighter gauge wrapping material.


The manufacturer of this equipment claims that up to 45% less wrapping material is used and that it is more energy efficient than alternative machines which in turn will reduce the amount of C02 produced.


Intellectual Property

EDL Packaging has developed the "Double Tight Wrap" packaging system.

Consultant View

This equipment facilitates reduced use of plastic wrapping film by tightly wrapping product bundles. However, there are many initiatives seeking to minimise packaging usage and reviewers are recommended to consider other lightweighting and alternative material options contained in the REID database

Contacts and Further Information

 Jeanette Long
Business Development Manager
1260 Parkview Road
Green Bay
WI 54304
920 338 1842 Ext 142


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