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First in-line automated ultrasonic film-sleeving technology for ready meals

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First in-line automated ultrasonic film-sleeving technology for ready meals
This new packaging technology is an alternative to ready meal card sleeves or labels which reduces costs, minimises waste and increases productivity.
In Use – This system has been commercially available since 2011. Its main target market is chilled and frozen ready meals.

Packaging Reduction

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase
Design, Packing


A new packaging solution has been launched which aims to provide an alternative to existing standard ready meal card sleeves and labels.

The integrated technology consists of two components: an automated filling machine working with rolls of high quality, low cost printed film. The result is unique film sleeves of any required width, with or without a clear window, which can be placed anywhere on the tray.
The films are welded ultrasonically and can be applied with variable tension so that consumers can still slide the sleeve to see the product.
Branded as the Flexowrap® system, the manufacturers present a compelling cost and environmental case for this solution compared to traditional card sleeves.

Potential Benefits

The manufacturers of the Flexowrap® system claim that the Flexowrap film sleeve has a carbon impact approximately a third lower than that of the equivalent card sleeve and that space utilisation during delivery of the sleeves to the filler is 10 times more efficient.

Intellectual Property

Developed by SIB Technology, the Flexowrap system is protected by worldwide patents. Flexowrap®, Flexowrap Technology™, the Flexowrap System™, Flexowrap Film Sleeve™ and Flexowrapping™ are all proprietary trademarks of Flexowrap Limited.

Consultant View

This is an interesting and novel solution, but it is of course only one of many ways in which ready meal manufacturers could reduce the environmental impact of their sleeves. For example, other options could include boards manufactured from recycled fibres. It should also be remembered that board is much more commonly recycled than plastic films. This material will primarily arise as waste in the household. While most local authorities provide separate collection for paper and board materials few currently collect or recycle film waste arising in the home.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Flexowrap Flexible Packaging System
Theocrest Park
Cavans Way
Binley Industrial Estate
Coventry CV3 2SF

Technology contact:
Ian Haywood (Business Development and Communications)
Tel: +44(0)7776 247830

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