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Paper-based twist film offers light weight alternative to wax paper

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Paper-based twist film offers light weight alternative to wax paper
A laminated structure consisting of a 5 micron metallised BOPP film laminated with a 12gsm paper can be used to significantly reduce the material resources required for wrapping chocolates and candies.
In Use – This material can be used to wrap chocolates, chewable candies and hard boiled candies.

Packaging Reduction, Storage and Transport efficiency

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Laminates, Paper, Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase
Design, Production


This laminated structure consists of a 5 micron metallised printed BOPP film laminated with a 12gsm paper. The total weight of the packaging is 20gsm, making it one of the lightest twist films available on the market. The very thin layer of BOPP film imparts strength to the paper, as well as providing barrier properties and improving visual appearance. The material has good dead-fold properties and when used for twist and seal prevents candies from drying out.
The paper base layer means that the material cuts well on wrapping machines and can work on both high speed new wrapping machines and older machines that cannot accept synthetic materials.
The material, branded as Yango Twist, is produced by Schur Flexibles Moneta in the Slovak Republic.

Potential Benefits

The principal environmental benefits are improved resource efficiency and reduced packaging waste through use of less material. The base weight of Yango Twist is 20gsm, compared to 60gsm for the equivalent wax paper. As a result, 70% more candies can be wrapped per kg of Yango Twist packaging material compared to alternative substrates. This also results in improved distribution efficiencies for the delivery of packaging materials to the packer/filler.

Intellectual Property

There is no patent registered for this invention.

Consultant View

Although this is one of the lightest paper-based twist wrappers on the market today, alternative solutions are also available and readers of this entry are encouraged to research the products offered by other suppliers as well. Nonetheless, Schur Flexibles Moneta has a strong foundation in delivering lighter weight packaging materials for the chocolate and confectionary sector – for example, also take a look at the REID database entry “Stretchable aluminium foil offers light weighting opportunities for confectionary wraps and lidding materials”.

Contacts and Further Information

Mario Freissl
Managing Director
Schur Flexibles Moneta s.r.o.
Cukrovarska 8/32, 07501 Trebisov, Slovakia
T: +421 566 684 218
M: +421 910 555 606

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