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Labels with integrated USB port make time-temperature monitoring simpler and more cost effective

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Labels with integrated USB port make time-temperature monitoring simpler and more cost effective
A new time-temperature label which can be plugged into a computer's USB port eliminates the need for readers or proprietary download software, making supply chain monitoring simpler
In Use – This technology was launched in October 2011

Product Waste Reduction, Recycled content/recyclability, Shelf life extension, Storage and Transport efficiency

Product Categories
Drinks, Food

Relevant Materials
Not Applicable

Relevant Packaging Formats
Labels, Pallets

Supply Chain Phase
Harvesting, Packing, Processing, Production, Retailing, Storage, Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment, Transportation


The labels monitor time and temperature of perishable items such as food, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics, and other perishable products during distribution and storage. About the size of a sugar packet, labels are flat and feature an integrated USB connection point which can be plugged directly into the USB port of a computer. Once connected, the label automatically generates a PDF data file containing complete time and temperature history including a graph and summary statistics. Simple to use and easy to interpret, this system eliminates the need for reading devices and proprietary download software.

The labels are optimal for use in situations that require fully independent operation including exports, distribution centre to retail location, and any “last mile” distribution applications. The small, flat, waterproof form factor of the label enables cold chain monitoring in virtually any packaging configuration, including at the pallet, carton, and individual item level. Because of its small size, packaging modifications are not required to utilize the labels.
The labels feature an innovative temperature sensor that is calibrated to NIST standards during manufacturing.  The label will take a surface read of the object to which it is attached, providing a closer approximation of actual product temperature versus the general ambient readings provided by bulkier recorders. Light emitting diodes on the label will flash to indicate a temperature excursion and prompt the user to download full cold chain data via the USB connection.
Developed by PackSense, the information from the XpressPDF labels can be uploaded to virtually any third party logistics database via the PakSense Device Interface SDK. Importantly, the labels can also be recycled via the PakSense GreenSense program. PakSense GreenSense is a label recycling program that facilitates the return of PakSense temperature monitoring labels for proper battery and component recycling. Through the GreenSense program, PakSense provides customers with eco-friendly return boxes and pre-paid postage return labels free of charge.

Potential Benefits

All time-temperature labels provide insight into what happens to products during distribution, thereby promoting better food quality and safety decisions and extending quality assurance programs into distribution channels. They also help to reduce waste by providing definitive information on whether product has been subjected to temperature abuse.

Intellectual Property

PakSense currently holds nine patents protecting the IP on various aspects of this and other time temperature monitoring technologies in their product range.

Consultant View

There are many time-temperature monitoring solutions on the market, but PakSense’s XpressPDF Label has some unique features which help to make cold chain monitoring (and the benefits this can deliver) more accessible. It is also refreshing to see that recycling of the labels has been taken into account and that users of the labels can return them via the PakSense GreenSense program.

REID database user tip: Individuals finding this technology interesting are encouraged to research other temperature monitoring solutions – try entering the search criteria “temperature indicator” and compare other solutions on offer.

Contacts and Further Information

Amy Childress
Marketing Director
PakSense, Inc.
9939 West Emerald
Boise, Idaho 83704
United States

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