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Date Mate Labels

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Date Mate Labels
A labelling system that allows customers to easily monitor the remaining shelf life of food products once opened.
In Use – Currently supplied to Care Homes on 500 label quantity rolls and available on website. Product available as clip strip or shelf ready display for retail sale in packs of 18 labels per pack.

Packaging Reduction, Product Waste Reduction

Product Categories
Drinks, Food, Other

Relevant Materials
Not Applicable

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Supply Chain Phase
Consumer, Retailing, Other


Currently there is much discussion over the confusion relating to 'use by' dates and the risks associated with using a food product after this date thus leading to unnecessary food waste.  A typical fridge will include a large array of food items with the term 'once opened refrigerate and consume within x number of days or weeks' . Although this information is needed and is clearly stated, there is currently no method available for the consumer to accurately keep track of when an item has first been opened and when that item should then be discarded once it has been opened.
This is a very simple yet robust method that allows the shopper to pick up a retail pack of self adhesive labels to take home and apply to each product as and when it is first opened.  This allows the consumer to easily see when a product was first opened and when it should be used by, rather than guessing and then potentially throwing away edible items.
The Date Mate sysem it is a simple and very effective way of controlling the 'whole' life of the product once opened consequently significantly reducing the potential for food and packaging wastage.
Click here to watch a short video, which clearly demonstrates the benefits of using the labels:

Potential Benefits

The benefits are that the individual label can be applied anywhere on the container that the consumer feels best and they can be written on a flat kitchen work surface pre-application.
By making the consumer aware of the remaining shelf life of the product 'once opened' it will give consumers confidence that the product is still safe to consume.
It may also help encourage better meal planning and management of shopping lists thus reducing food wastage.
If a fridge contains half a jar of Horseradish and the use by label shows it still has a shelf life of 2-3 weeks it will perhaps help to encourage the user to purchase a joint of roast beef for the weekend instead of a chicken and so the remaining horseradish will be used rather than allowing the remaining shelf life to expire.
This is just one illustration.  There are numerous products such as yoghurts, cheeses, deli counter items, filter coffee, juices and many, many more.

Intellectual Property

The labels featured in this database entry is supplied by GeeTech Labels.

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Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
GeeTech Lables
P.O BOX 191
CH29 9BF
Tel 07896-345489
Further information:
Gary Jenkins
Owner of DateMate Labels
Click here to watch a short video, which clearly demonstrates the benefits of using the labels:

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