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Pre-stretched food packaging film

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Pre-stretched food packaging film
STC Lite pre-stretched film uses less material for food packaging and improves transport and storage efficiency.
In Use – This pre-stretched films is available in the UK from STC Film Converters Ltd.

Packaging Reduction, Storage and Transport efficiency

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase
Filling, Packing, Storage, Transportation


STC Lite offers the same quality, reliability and performance as other packaging films, but using a special manufacturing technique it is pre-stretched to 7 microns.
This means less film is used by weight to wrap a given load, in turn creating less packaging waste.
In addition, this thinner gauge means there is more film per reel leading to a reduction in film deliveries and associated vehicle emissions.
STC Lite is 100% recyclable and can be processed through industrial film recycling facilities. It is available as a cast or blown co-extruded Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).

Potential Benefits

This pre-stretched material offers several environmental benefits:
  • Reduced material use per wrapped item
  • Improved cube utilisation, leading to fewer delivery journeys and reduced storage space.
These advantages lead to an overall reduced carbon footprint when compared to unstretched wrapping films.

Intellectual Property

The pre-stretched film solution featured in this entry is manufactured and supplied by STC Film Converters Ltd.

Consultant View

This pre-stretched film is also available in combination with STC Film Converters' coreless product, which features a reusable plastic dispenser instead of a single use cardboard inner core. This combination could further reduce the environmental impact.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
STC Film Converters Ltd
Dalton Gates
West Lane
Dalton on Tees
County Durham
Tel: +44 (0)1325 378847

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