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Active packaging based on cyclodextrin inclusion

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Active packaging based on cyclodextrin inclusion
Research in China into the use of cyclodextrin in active packaging for meat
In Development – This is ongoing research and development work, but the researchers report good prospects for commercialisation.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

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Relevant Materials
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Supply Chain Phase


In this research work, cyclodextrin and cyclodextrin inclusion technologies were introduced, and the active packaging systems based on cyclodextrin were evaluated.
Analysis indicated that active packaging based on cyclodextrin have good application prospects if the following two problems can be solved:
  • The effective inclusion and slow releasing of active guest molecules
  • The compatibility of inclusion complexes and packaging materials

A potential end-use application for this technology could be meat packaging.

Potential Benefits

The main environmental benefit of this active packaging technology will be reduced product wastage (in both the home and the supply chain) through extended shelf-life.

Intellectual Property

This is ongoing research work being undertaken by the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and will presumably be covered by appropriate intellectual property protection.

Consultant View

There is much packaging research being undertaken in Asia, and in China in particular, which could provide important breakthroughs in the future.

Contacts and Further Information

Technology contact:
Prof. XU Wencai
Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication
Beijing 102600
Mobile phone: 13501247542 
Office tel:+86-10-60261006

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