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Reusable packaging system made of plastic and metal protects high value machine parts

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Reusable packaging system made of plastic and metal protects high value machine parts
A reusable packaging system that replaces single-use wooden boxes, massively reducing supply chain damage.
In Use – Specifically designed for use in the off-shore oil industry, but the concept could be transferred to other supply chains.

Product Waste Reduction, Reuse

Product Categories
Home Improvement, Other

Relevant Materials
Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats
RTP, Totes, stillages, various bulk formats

Supply Chain Phase


Elongated down hole drilling tools (DDT) are transported globally via air and sea, and domestically via air and road transport. These drilling tools were transported in marine ply wooden boxes. However, DDT cannot be shipped directly to off shore rigs using wooden boxes and these boxes have an estimated 80% fail rate leading to breakage during transportation, unpacking and re-packing of DDT. Therefore clients wanted a reliable, reusable packaging format to reduce downtime and increase protection of DDT in transit. 
In conjunction with Berry Design and R&V Aqualine, a modular plastic packaging system for DDT was developed. The packaging is known as Ruggardised Asset PAckaging (RAPS) and has less than a 1% fail rate. It is soon to be certified to international off-shore mining standards.
RAPS provides the following benefits:
  • Increased Safety – There is no need to use tools to open the packaging and no manual handling is required.
    is required and there is no risk that DDT will break through its packaging and cause personal or property damage.
  • Environmental Impact – Rather than using wooden boxes, which must be disposed of after use, RAPS is made of plastic and steel, all of which is recyclable. It is estimated that RAPS can be reused by clients for up to 4 years and is recycled after final end-of-life.
  • Increased Efficiency – No fumigation is required, there are no time delays due to breakages and the packaging can be used to transport DDTs directly to the offshore rigs.

Potential Benefits

Although the individual packs use considerably more materials than the previous wooden boxes, this is offset by the high reuse rates in a relatively closed supply chain. But perhaps more importantly, the Ruggardised Asset Packaging System significantly reduces packaging failure and therefore reduces product damage in the supply chain.

Intellectual Property

ITAC Services (Aust) own all patents and related IP associated with RAPS. A patent application has been finalised in Australia and Singapore.  ITAC is in the final patent registration stages in all other regions.

Consultant View

Although this packaging is specifically designed for off-shore drilling equipment, the concept could be transferred to a number of other supply chains. In particular, the use of such reusable packaging systems could be explored in supply chains for large items with relatively high damage rates, such as furniture and appliances, fitted kitchens, etc.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
ITAC Services (Aust) Pty Ltd
35-37 Tullamarine Park Road, Melbourne, Australia 3043

Technology contact:
Brett Millar, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Manager,
Tel: + 61 3 9335 4444

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