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Recloseable chocolate block packaging that is recyclable

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Recloseable chocolate block packaging that is recyclable
The Australian Cadbury packaging is recyclable, easy to open and re-sealable to help maintain freshness of the chocolate.
In Use – This pack is currently used for Cadbury's chocolate bars in Australia.

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The new Cadbury Block Chocolate packaging is a carton that is easier to open, and because it is re-sealable, helps the foil maintain freshness of the chocolate inside.
The previous Cadbury Block Chocolate packaging with its metallised paper wrap was difficult to recycle, and more likely to be crumpled up as waste by the consumer as it was not perceived as recyclable.
The new packaging is manufactured from 100% recyclable cartonboard and the mill is accredited to the internationally recognised Forest Stewardship Council. Cadbury’s extensive consumer research identified that 70% of the new packaging is likely to be recycled as it is easily identified as cardboard waste. The new pack also offers exceptional product protection, is reclosable and even serves as a handy tray for sharing. In addition, the supply chain for the cartonboard is shorter (from New Zealand rather than USA) with resultant emission reductions.

Potential Benefits

There are two main benefits arising from the functionality of this new package:
  • Improved recyclability
  • Improved product preservation through the reseal feature, thereby extending shelf-life of the opened product.

Intellectual Property

There is a patent application pending on the opening and reclose feature of the carton.

Consultant View

The reclose feature in this pack is very useful, although many chocolate lovers probably find it unnecessary! However, a reclose concept could be more widely used for a wide range of products to improve product shelf life once the consumer has opened the product.

Contacts and Further Information

Technology contact:
Keith Chessell, Packaging Specialist Environment - ANZ Kraft Foods Ltd
Tel: +61 3 9210 1459

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