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Paper-based packaging solution to deliver premium chilled goods

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Paper-based packaging solution to deliver premium chilled goods
Amcor Broccoli ChillFresh™ Pack delivers high performance and is moisture and scuff resistant.
In Use – Currently available and used in Australia, but could be made available in other regions if demand exists.

Packaging Reduction, Product Waste Reduction, Storage and Transport efficiency

Product Categories

Relevant Materials

Relevant Packaging Formats
Cartons, Corrugated box/case, Totes, stillages, various bulk formats, Other

Supply Chain Phase
Design, Filling, Harvesting, Packing, Storage, Transportation


Amcor’s Packaging Solutions Team (part of Amcor Fibre Packaging) has developed a new generation of packaging solutions which delivers premium chilled goods in an environmentally sustainable format.
The Amcor Broccoli ChillFresh™ Pack is made of white PET/ paper functional laminate and incorporates a new patented two-piece carton design which delivers high performance and is moisture and scuff resistant. It is typically 30-50% thinner than the equivalent EPS foam packaging wall construction yet is typically 20% to 30% stronger under ISO (International Organization for Standardization) conditions.

Potential Benefits

The Broccoli ChillFresh™ Pack has better shelf utilisation, delivers premium protection, improved insulation and can handle direct ice packing which eliminates the need for a poly bag liner. It offers logistical benefits such as lower costs when delivered flat and also reduces storage costs. The Broccoli ChillFresh™ Pack is also recyclable through the current corrugated packaging recycling chain.

Intellectual Property

Amcor has applied for a patent in Australia for the two-piece carton design.

Consultant View

This particular package targets the broccoli sector, but presumably the underlying concepts could be adapted to other fruit and vegetable products.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Head Offices
Amcor Global Headquarters
109 Burwood Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122
Tel: +61 3 9226 9000
Technology contacts:
Contact regaring marketing and commercial issues: 
Wes Bray, National Agribusiness Marketing Manager
Contact regarding technical questions:
George Ganzenmuller, Innovation Manager
Both can be reached through Amcor's Rocklea Plant on +61 7 3850 8700.

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