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Neckless laminate tube reduces packaging weight

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Neckless laminate tube reduces packaging weight
This single dose neckless laminate tube weighs 50% less than an equivalent convential tube
In Use – Launched during 2010, this pack format is currently used for Montebello's own Intuition range of nutrition and diet drinks in Canada.

Packaging Reduction, Storage and Transport efficiency

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Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care

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Supply Chain Phase
Design, Transportation


Canada based Aluminium tube supplier Montebello has introduced a light-weight, easy to use, single dose tube. The tube is available in a 1 inch diameter. Empty, it weighs 50% less than a tube of the same size with a conventional neck and closure. The lack of neck and closure ensures that weight is kept down, and it uses less materials. To use the tube, the consumer simply has to peel off the hygiene seal and dispenses the product. The tubes have excellent barrier properties so product shelf-life is not unduly affected.

Potential Benefits

As well as achieving significant material savings, the lack of cap and neck also means the product is more cube efficient than equivalent conventional tubes.

Intellectual Property

Montebello has a patent pending on this packaging format.

Consultant View

It is very easy to envisage this packaging format being used for a wide range of products. Besides one-shot drinks, it could easily be used for single application creams, paste-like food products, cream cheese or DIY products such as glues and fillers. 

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Montebello Packaging
Aluminium Operations
1036 Aberdeen Street
Hawkesbury, Ontario
Canada K6A 1K5
Tel: +1 613 632 7096

Technology contact details:
Meghann Bennett, Marketing & Sales Coordinator
Tel: Ontario 613-632-7096 Ext. 124

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