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Enhanced clear barrier film performs comparable to foil-based laminates

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Enhanced clear barrier film performs comparable to foil-based laminates
Clear barrier film delivers barrier performance comparable to foil-based laminates
In Use – The material is available from Rollprint Packaging Products Inc, based in Illinois, USA.

Packaging Reduction, Product Waste Reduction

Product Categories
Food, Household & Personal Care

Relevant Materials
Laminates, Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase
Raw materials / Ingredients


The clear barrier film lets consumers see what they are buying and also enables product manufacturers to use conventional metal detectors as part of their health and safety checks. The manufacturers claim that the film is able to deliver a barrier performance comparable to foil-based laminates at two-thirds the thickness, thereby creating an opportunity for cost saving. The film is suitable for high-speed stick pack and flow-wrap applications.
According to the manufacturers - Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. - the barrier film, known as Overture One, is suitable for dry, solid and liquid products in markets as broad as foods, pharmaceuticals and household chemicals, Overture One can be used for high-speed stick pack and flowrap applications.

Potential Benefits

This material has the potential to offer enhanced shelf-life compared to other transparent packaging films, thereby reducing spoilage in the supply chain and in the home.

Intellectual Property

The material is the intellectual property of Rollprint Packaging Products. The name Overture is a US registered trade mark 76630231.

Consultant View

Enhanced shelf-life compared to other transparent films is in itself an advantage. Alternatively, this material could be used to replace laminated films currently incorporating foil, thereby providing the marketing advantage of allowing the consumer to see the product. More information would be required in order to say whether this film has life cycle environmental benefits over foil-based laminates.
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Contacts and Further Information

Company details
Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc.
320 South Stewart Avenue, Addison
IL 60101
Phone: 800-276-7629
Technology contact details: 
Dwane Hahn, Sales & Marketing Director
Tel +1 630 405 7701

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