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Oxygen scavenging system uses a highly reactive oxygen absorbing compound

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Oxygen scavenging system uses a highly reactive oxygen absorbing compound
An oxygen scavenging system using a highly reactive oxygen absorbing compound
In Use – Multisorb have a number of oxygen scavenging solutions available.

Packaging Reduction, Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

Product Categories
Drinks, Food

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible, Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats

Supply Chain Phase
Filling, Raw materials / Ingredients, Recovery


The oxygen scavenging system incorporates iron-based oxygen scavenging technology into polyester resin. The resin is compounded specifically for each application, and it can be used in molded, sheeted, thermoformed or film packaging applications. In some cases, the oxygen scavenging resin makes it possible to replace a multilayer structure with monolayer packaging, which delivers the benefit of lower material costs and easier recyclability. The resin also could enable use of thinner gauge materials or be used to replace passive-barrier materials.
The oxygen scavenger, known as FreshBlend, is produced by Multisorb and the materials have a relatively high reactivity with permeating oxygen, which provides protection against oxidative degradation and extends product shelf life. The materials can also be customized to meet individual product demands depending on packaging format and product preservation requirements.
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Potential Benefits

Packaging materials can potentially be light weighted due to reduced barrier requirements, through using this new highly reactive oxygen scavenging system.
Alternatively, the same packaging materials can be used to provide an extended shelf life by limiting oxygen-induced product degradation, therefore helping to reduce product waste through the supply chain.
The subsequent elimination of multi-layer barriers will also make the packaging more easily recyclable.

Intellectual Property

This is proprietary technology belonging to Multisorb.

Consultant View

This is just one of many oxygen scavenging technologies on the market place. Others can be found in the REID database or by searching the Internet.
By limiting product deterioration these technologies offer the potential to increase shelf life and reduce product waste through the supply chain. There will of course be a cost-benefit balance to consider, and this will vary with different products and different solutions.
Brand owners, retailers, packaging manufacturers and packer/fillers are encouraged to investigate and evaluate the possibilities of these technologies within their own supply chains.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Multisorb Technologies Global Headquarters
325 Harlem Road
Buffalo, New York 14224 USA
Tel: +1 716.824.8900

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