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A trigger spray bottle with concentrated cartridge refill system

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A trigger spray bottle with concentrated cartridge refill system
A new reusable household cleaning product, featuring a a trigger spray bottle which can be reloaded with a cartridge of concentrate. To use, fill the bottle with water, insert the cartridge and screw on the trigger
In Use – Launched in August 2010, and available at retailers across the US and Canada. Similar products are also available in Australia and some Nordic countries.

Packaging Reduction, Other

Product Categories
Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care

Relevant Materials
Plastic – rigid

Relevant Packaging Formats
Bottles and jars, Cartridges, Closures and dispensers (including: triggers, dosing aids, reseal and reclose devices etc.)

Supply Chain Phase
Consumer, Design, Transportation


iQ Cleaners has launched REFill, a new reusable household cleaning product, featuring a a trigger spray bottle which can be reloaded with a cartridge of concentrate. To use the product, the consumer fills the bottle with water to the fill line, inserts the cartridge and screws on the trigger. As the trigger is screwed on to the bottle, it releases the concentrate, ensuring the correct mix of concentrate to water with no need for measuring by the consumer. To compliment its reusable bottle system, iQ Cleaners has developed its concentrate with ingredients that are non-toxic and sourced from plant materials and other natural sources in order to reinforce their environmental brand image. The concentrated cartridges are available for four cleaning products: All Purpose Cleaner; Bathroom Cleaner; Glass Cleaner and Floor Cleaner. Video clips at the iQ Cleaner website demonstrate the products use (see and ) The company claims the REFill system: -achieves a carbon footprint reduction of over 70% compared with conventional cleaners -provides consumers with 25% savings off the cost of conventional cleaning products.

Potential Benefits

The potential environmental benefits are:
  • Significantly reduced primary packaging (and therefore reduced environmental impact associated with packaging manufacture)
  • Significantly reduced transit packaging and significantly improved cube utilisation as packing and shipping the concentrated pods is more efficient than shipping full bottles

Canberra (the cartridge manufacturer) has sponsored some consumer and supply chain studies to demonstrate benefits of the system. These are published at .

Intellectual Property

The refill cartridge is patented (patent numbers 6290100, 7059104, D596944, D605943), made and filled by Canberra in Toledo, Ohio.  Planet People has a license for North American rights.The cartridge is also sold by Canberra under the brand names Jaws and Native Green.
The PET bottle is from a proprietary mould. It is not patented. The bottle seen in this example is supplied by Salbro, a Canadian manufacturer.

Consultant View

The environmental benefits of this refill system are obvious, but there are also commercial benefits that should be recognised:
  • Building brand loyalty - locking the customer into the refill system
  • Reduced primary packaging manufacturing costs - no need to keep manufacturing the main body of the bottle or the trigger dispenser
  • Reduced transit packaging costs - significantly less secondary transit packaging required to pack the concentrated pods compared to the full bottles
  • Reduced shipping costs - more efficient cube utilisation from the concentrated pods signicantly reduces the transport costs for shipping a set number of units
The principles behind this packaging solution could be applied to a wide range of household cleaning and home improvement products.

Contacts and Further Information

Company contact details:
iQ Clean
36 Meteor Drive,
Toronto, ON.
Canada M9W 1A4
Technology contacts:
Ami Shah (Brand Manager)
Planet People
Jeff Gayer (Canberra Corp)
Tel: +1-419-841-6616

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