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Temperature sensitive metal based time temperature indicator

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Temperature sensitive metal based time temperature indicator
A metal based time temperature indicator developed for temperature sensitive products in the pharmaceutical and medical industries
In Use – The technology is already used in the pharmaceuticals sector and options targeting the food sector are available.

Product Waste Reduction

Product Categories
Food, Household & Personal Care, Other

Relevant Materials
Not Applicable

Relevant Packaging Formats

Supply Chain Phase
Consumer, Filling, Supply Chain handling systems and store replenishment


A metal based Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) developed for temperature sensitive products in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. This patented label technology shows the total temperature history of the product it is on by etching a layer of metal at a time/temperature dependent rate, thereby revealing a visual signal beneath the metal that indicates the end of the product's shelf life.
The indicator, known as CoolVu™, has been developed by Freshpoint and can be calibrated to suit various storage and shelf life conditions. There is also flexibility in size and design. The CoolVu Active Barcode is targeted directly at the food and beverages sectors.

Potential Benefits

Data and knowledge arising from the use of TTIs will help to improve management of the conditions in the food supply chain, thereby reducing supply chain product waste.
The use of TTIs will also help to reduce unnnecessary food waste in the home.

Intellectual Property

The label featured in this database entry is manufactured by Freshpoint.

Consultant View

By providing an intelligent shelf life that is based on actual conditions in the supply chain, time temperature indicators can help to reduce unnecessary product wastage, both in the supply chain and in the home. This particular technology was initially developed for pharmaceuticals and medical products, but is now being transferred to food applications.
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Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Freshpoint Quality Assurance Ltd
2 Ben Gurion Road
B.S.R. Towers,
Bldg. 1, Floor 21
Ramat-Gan 52573
Tel: +972-3-7554448

Technology contact details:
Yoav Levy
CEO of Freshpoint

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