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A hermetic dispensing closure for shelf-stable liquids

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A hermetic dispensing closure for shelf-stable liquids
Closure incorporates a silicone valve which ensures that an hermetic seal is achieved after each dispensing
In Use – Sunkist Protein 24 is now available in the US in a multi-serve 1 gallon stand-up pouch featuring The Answer™.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

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Plastic – Flexible

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Closures and dispensers (including: triggers, dosing aids, reseal and reclose devices etc.), Flexible & Films

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A dispensing closure for shelf-stable liquids, which has a silicone valve that ensures an hermetic seal is achieved after each dispensing operation. This ensures the remaining contents are not exposed to bacteria, reducing the need to add preservatives and the requirement to store the opened product in the fridge. The closure can be used with aseptically filled or hot-filled products.    
The dispensing closure illustrated here is called The Answer™. It is a patented dispensing technology from International Dispensing Corp (IDC). This dispensing closure is currently in use, for example - for Protica's Sunkist products.
Sunkist Protein 24 is now available in the US in a multi-serve 1 gallon stand-up pouch featuring The answer™ dispensing. The pouch holds 48 servings of Sunkist’s highly concentrated protein drink. The pouch’s innovative dispensing technology — combined with hot-filling at 185º F and a pouch material structure that includes foil for gas barrier purposes — gives the package a two-year shelf life with no need for refrigeration. The stand up pouch for Sunkist is supplied by Fres-co System USA, which has some past experience working with IDC’s unique dispensing system but never before in a stand-up pouch application. The pouch structure is an adhesive lamination of outer polyster (PET)/foil/nylon (PA)/inner Polyethylene (PE) for heat sealing. The outer layer of polyester is reverse-printed gravure in eight colors. Part of the pouch-making process includes the application of an injection-molded Polypropylene (PP) fitment.
The construction of IDC’s dispenser component includes a silicon valve, so once it is snapped onto the fitment of the pouch, an hermetic seal is created. Consumers push the black button on the dispenser component to open the silicone valve and release product. When the consumer releases pressure from the black button, the silicone valve snaps back and the hermetic seal is restored.

Potential Benefits

This packaging-closure combination allows product to be dispensed safely and repeatedly over an extended time without refrigeration. This means longer shelf-life and reduced product wastage in the home.

Intellectual Property

The Answer™ closure is patented and is the intellectual property of International Dispensing Corp.
Fres-co (who supply the Sunkist stand up pouch) chose not to describe how the fitment is applied nor will it identify the supplier of the pouch-making equipment it uses.

Consultant View

The consumer can now use shelf-stable products over time without worrying about spoilage. This is sure to contribute to the reduction of unnecessary product waste over time.
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Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
International Dispensing Corporation
1020 Fifth Avenue 4th Floor
New York
NY 10028
Technology contact details:
Greg Abbott
Tel: +1 212-957-9330

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