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High performance thermoforming machines

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High performance thermoforming machines
HIgh performance, high quality thermoforming machines maintain very tight material thickness tolerances and enable reduced material starting gauges.
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Resource efficiency (e.g. filling line efficiency)

Product Categories
Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care, Other

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films, Shrink and stretch wrap

Supply Chain Phase
Design, Packing, Processing


New "Quad Series" High-Tech Thermoforming machines come fully equipped with a variety of premium features that ensure both high performance and high production quality. The combination of thermoforming technology and stamping (coining) technology enables the Quad Series machines to produce highly detailed parts at high speed and also maintain very tight material thickness tolerances, thus improving material usage efficiencies.
The frame, toggles, platens and drive assemblies can withstand tremendous force - up to 260 tons of holding force and 150 tons of coining force - without any deflection. Each platen is driven by a servo motor and has four mechanical toggle assemblies that are corner-guided by four linear bearings. The toggles are strategically positioned on a honeycomb platen design to eliminate deflection and guarantee consistant material distribution across the complete mo;d area, up to 64" x 64". Symmetrical drive loads throughout the toggle linkages and drive system eliminate all overhung loads.
The Quad Series is also available with patented roller screw third motion technology that improves material distribution, reduces starting guages and providews a greater process window. The Quad series Thermoforming machines are manufactured by Brown-machine of the USA
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Potential Benefits

The greatest benefit of the new thermoforming machines is derived from improved material usage efficiencies through reduced material starting gauges and tighter thickness tolerances.

Intellectual Property

Brown's has a patent pending for it's Quad series thermoforming machines.

Consultant View

Packaging manufacturing efficiency improvements are an important part of cost and waste reduction within the supply chain, especially with regards to petroleum based plastics materials, made from non-sustainable raw materials.
There are many examples of innovative technology use to reduce packaging on the REID database.  Reviewers should search the database using terms such as "light-weighting" and materials reduction.

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