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Innovative packaging materials from farm to fork

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Innovative packaging materials from farm to fork
A research project which aims to develop antimicrobial and intelligent packaging materials
In Development – This research is funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme. The work is being progressed by a consortium of seven research centres, two universities and eight companies.

Product Waste Reduction, Shelf life extension

Product Categories

Relevant Materials
Plastic – Flexible

Relevant Packaging Formats
Flexible & Films

Supply Chain Phase
Filling, Packing, Processing, Storage, Transportation


A research project which is aimed at designing antimicrobial packaging materials that are risk free and improve the shelf life of certain food products.
The project has two main objectives:
  • Development of innovative and safe packaging systems in order to increase fresh product shelf-life by using two novel packaging technologies: antimicrobial active packaging and intelligent packaging for fresh fish, chicken, and minimally processed vegetables (MPVs).
  • Development of a safety assessment methodology that includes the chemical characterization and toxicological profile of intentionally and non-intentionally added substances present in these new packaging materials and that might migrate to the foodstuffs. Microbiological assessments are also included.
It is intended that the packaging systems resulting from the research project, known as NAFISPACK, wiill satisfy European food safety policies, functional and marketing requirements, and will accomplish environmental, cost and consumer demands. This project aims at assuring the safety and quality of foodstuffs through the supply chain.
The content in this entry has been obtained from publicly available information sources only (e.g. press releases, website and trade press articles) and is subject to completion of a validation process with the technology supplier.

Potential Benefits

The main environmental benefit of the packaging systems that this project is seeking to develop is reduced product waste in the supply chain and in the home.

Intellectual Property

As this is an EU funded research project there will be public dissemination of the results. However, any technology breakthroughs will be appropriately protected by patents, etc according to Intellectual Property rules agreed between the industry and research partners. The project is coordinated by ITENE in Spain.

Consultant View

The upfront consideration and development of appropriate safety assessment methodologies is an important aspect of this project which sets it apart from much of the other research in this field. Interested parties are encouraged to keep track of the progress of this project and the new technologies it delivers over the next 1-2 years.

Contacts and Further Information

Company contact details:
Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research Centre (ITENE)
Parque Tecnológico   
C/ Albert Einstein,1   
46980 Paterna
Tel: + 34 96 390 54 00
Technology contact
Ana Belén Garcia Hidalgo
Area de Márquetin
Tel: +34 96 182 00 00

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