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Software improves control of the packaging operation

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Software improves control of the packaging operation
The Industry Application for Packaging 1.0 provides visibility into packaging losses, variation and problems
In Use – The potential benefits of this system have been demonstrated through installations with a number of food, beverage and consumer goods manufacturing and packing operations globally.

Product Waste Reduction, Resource efficiency (e.g. filling line efficiency)

Product Categories
Drinks, Food, Home Improvement, Household & Personal Care

Relevant Materials
Not Applicable

Relevant Packaging Formats
Not Applicable

Supply Chain Phase
Filling, Packing


A pre-configured, bundled software module specifically designed for the needs of the packaging process which maintains product quality, safety, regulatory compliance and  waste management.
The Industry Application for Packaging 1.0 enables producers to coordinate previously isolated packaging equipment and helps obtain consistent performance measurement and execution of packaging operations. The flexible and scaleable software architecture integrates with most packaging systems.
Implementation of the system can provide visibility into packaging losses, variation and problems, while significantly reducing the need for manual data collection and line operator interactions. The data collated can be used to optimise packing operations.
This software system, known as InTouch HMI, has been developed by Invensys Systems Inc.
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Potential Benefits

Implementation of this type of process control system can deliver line efficiencies and productivity gains through fast, disciplined changeovers and visibility to throughput, performance, downtime & alarms. From an environmental perspective, this may mean less packaging material waste and less product waste through improved process management.

Intellectual Property

The Wonderware system Platform, InTouch HMI and Wonderware Performance software are all the intellectual property of Invensys Systems Inc.

Consultant View

This system has the potential to reduce product and packaging waste through improved efficiency of operations. Combined with reduced manual interaction this equates to potential cost savings as well as environmental benefits.
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This can be found under the following REID technology title - "Data capture system consolidates data from multiple checkweighers."

Contacts and Further Information

Company contact details:
Wonderware United Kingdom & Ireland
Unit 1 Oakfield Road
Cheadle Royal Business Park
SK8 3GX  
Tel: +44 (0)161 495 4698
Technology contact:
Sue Roche (Wonderware General Manager)
Tel: +44 (0)161 495 4698

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