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Bespoke printed paper cups reduce airline packaging waste

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Bespoke printed paper cups reduce airline packaging waste
A Swedish Airline uses bespoke printed paper cups as an innovative way to reduce inflight food packaging by 50%.
In Use – Currently used by Malmö Aviation for in-flight meals

Packaging Reduction

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Drinks, Food

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One of the leading domestic flight companies in Sweden, Malmo Aviation, has incorporated a 10z Malmö Aviation branded paper hot cups to its refreshments packaging. Each cup contains a sandwich, a stirrer and napkins sealed in a flowpack bag, enabling the airline to dispense with the traditional box and some of the packaigng for disposable items, thus reducing packaging usage by approximately 50%.
Initially, the airline has introduced the new meal service format on its daytime flights between 09.00hrs and 15.00hrs – flying more than 750,000 people every year between these hours. Malmö Aviation provides a complimentary meal or snack on all of its services, meaning significant savings in packaging materials used and packaging spend.
The cup is supplied by Solo Cup's Brandbuilder bespoke printed hot paper cups.
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Potential Benefits

Significant packaging reductions of up to 50% have been achieved through the innovative and alternative use of a bespoke paper cup..

Intellectual Property

Brandbuilder™ cups are supplied by Solo Cups Europe.

Consultant View

Altough initially targeting the airline sector, this is a concept that could easily be transferred to appropriate fast-food and catering environments, or could be used to promote meal deals at supermarkets and other retail outlets.

Contacts and Further Information

Company details:
Solo Cup Europe
Tower Close
St Peters Industrial Park
Cambs, PE29 7BZ 
Technology contact:
Alan Sterry
Regional Account Director
Tel: +44 (0) 1480-459413

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